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UK Government Issues Guidelines to Protect Smart Cars against Hackers [tripwire]

The Department for Transport and the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) created the recommendations so that organizations can use them to build safer, more secure cars as smart technology continues to evolve. Known collectively as “the key principles of vehicle cyber security for connected and automated vehicles,” the...

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Tracking Recent Cybercrime Trends and Patterns [securityintelligence]

Throughout the years, banks have expanded their services by offering an ever-evolving set of online capabilities. As a result, financial institutions have become an obvious target for cybercrime and have been quick to deploy various layers of protection to keep their customers safe. Many cybercriminals operate like startup companies, consistently...

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JavaScript Packages Caught Stealing Environment Variables [bleepingcomputer]

On August 1, npm Inc. — the company that runs the biggest JavaScript package repository — removed 38 JavaScript npm packages that were caught stealing environment variables from infected projects. According to a subsequent investigation by npm’s team, on July 19, a person named HackTask uploaded 38 JavaScript libraries on...

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FIN7/Carbanak threat actor unleashes Bateleur JScript backdoor [proofpoint]

Proofpoint researchers have uncovered that the threat actor commonly referred to as FIN7 has added a new JScript backdoor called Bateleur and updated macros to its toolkit. We have observed these new tools being used to target U.S.-based chain restaurants, although FIN7 has previously targeted hospitality organizations, retailers, merchant services,...

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SMBLoris – the new SMB flaw [sans]

While studying the infamous EternalBlue exploit about 2 months ago, researchers Sean Dillon (zerosum0x0) and Zach Harding (Aleph-Naught-) found a new flaw in the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol that could allow an adversary to interrupt the service by depleting the memory and CPU resources of the targeted machine on...

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