In order to accomplish its mission, BGD e-Gov CIRT will provide these services to its constituents :

Reactive services

    Cyber security incident handling

    BGD e-GOV CIRT will receive information regarding cyber security incidents, triage incidents and coordinate response. Possible activities related to incident handling include:

    • Reporting
    • Coordination
    • Incident response support
    • Incident analysis and evidence collection

    Digital Forensic Lab

    BGD e-GOV CIRT is now capable of recovery and investigation of material found in digital device including mobile, PC, Drone or any IOT’s or computational devices. Service Workflow follows:

    • Evidence Detection
    • Evidence Acquisition
    • Evidence Analysis/Examination
    • Documenting and Reporting

Proactive services

    • Security assessments
      BGD e-Gov CIRT is constantly doing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing on assets located at the National Data Center as well as these activities can be provided to the constituency on a special official request
    • Configuration and maintenance of security tools, applications, infrastructures, and services
      BGD e-Gov CIRT maintains described set of security tools primarily used for logs collection and archive for assets located in the National Data Center which allow to trace incidents when they occur.
    • Intrusion detection
      BGD e-Gov CIRT collects cyber security threat information (compromises, accessible vulnerabilities) from various external feeds, filters and distributes them among the constituency.
    • Security consulting
      BGD e-Gov CIRT provides advice and guidance on the best security practices to implement for constituents’ business operations.
    • Awareness building
      BGD e-Gov CIRT seeks opportunities to increase security awareness through developing articles, posters, newsletters, web sites, or other informational resources that explain security best practices and provide advice on precautions to take. Activities may also include scheduling meetings and seminars to keep constituents up to date with ongoing security procedures and potential threats to organizational systems.
    • Cyber Sensor
      Detecting intrusion, suspicious activity & development of methodology of assessing maturity level of Critical Information Infrastructure in Bangladesh government IP network, thus sensor network is being implemented.