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A Closer Look at the RobbinHood Ransomware [bleepingcomputer]

The RobbinHood Ransomware is the latest player in the ransomware scene that is targeting companies and the computers on their network. This ransomware is not being distributed through spam but rather through other methods, which could include hacked remote desktop services or other Trojans that provide access to the attackers. Since...

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60 Million records of LinkedIn users exposed online [securityaffairs]

Researcher discovered eight unsecured databases exposed online that contained approximately 60 million records of LinkedIn user data.  Researcher Sanyam Jain at GDI foundation discovered eight unsecured databases exposed online that contained approximately 60 million records of LinkedIn user data. Most of the data are publicly available, the databases also include the email...

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Windows 10 Version 1903 Drops Password Expiration Policies [source: bleepingcomputer]

Microsoft announced the configuration baseline settings draft release for Windows 10 v1903 (19H1) and Windows Server v1903, as well as the intention to drop password expiration policies starting with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update. Once removed, the preset password expiration settings should be replaced by organizations with more modern and better password-security...

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Source Code for CARBANAK Banking Malware Found On VirusTotal[thehackernews]

Security researchers have discovered the full source code of the Carbanak malware—yes, this time it’s for real. Carbanak—sometimes referred as FIN7, Anunak or Cobalt—is one of the most full-featured, dangerous malware that belongs to an APT-style cybercriminal group involved in several attacks against banks, financial institutions, hospitals, and restaurants. In July last...

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This Ransomware Improves Your PC’s Performance. Initially. [fossbytes]

We recently told you about the highly dangerous Lockergoga Virus, which caused Havoc in the industrial complexes. Well, there is a new malware called vxCrypter ransomware in the digital space and it will encrypt your files along and ‘improve’ your PC’s performance. Vccrypter is based on an unfinished, old ransomware called vxLock that utilized Advanced Encryption Standard...

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Hackers Using WordPress and Joomla Sites to Distribute Shade Ransomware [gbhackers]

CMS based sites such as WordPress and Joomla are the popular targets for cybercriminals, they hijack those sites and inject malicious contents. ThreatLabZ researchers detected a campaign that targets WordPress and Joomla sites to distribute Shade/Troldesh ransomware, backdoors, redirectors, and a variety of phishing pages. Hackers use to hijack several...

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