Update payment method: Netflix phishing scam steals credentials[source: hackread]

Netflix is home to more than 100 million users from around the world and since it is a paid service the chances of online threats against the service are higher than usual. Recently, HackRead detected a phishing scam that targets personal and financial data of Netflix users in the name of updating their payment method.

Although there is nothing new about Netflix scams, when a phishing email comes right in your inbox rather than ending up in the junk folder, it does pose a threat to unsuspecting users. Same happened in this scam when scammers sent an email pretending to represent Netflix and urging users to update their payment method as they are having “trouble authorizing credit card” of the user.

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The email asks users to click on a link (netflix.com/YourAccountPayment) that seems authentic but in reality, it is a spoofed link and behind this link hides the phishing link developed to steal your Netflix login credentials and credit card data.

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