Too Many People Are Still Using ‘Password’ as a Password[source: motherboard.vice]

For the seventh year in a row, password management security company SplashDatahas scraped password dumps to find the year’s worst passwords. This year’s research was drawn from over five million leaked passwords, not including those on adult sites or from the massive Yahoo email breach. The passwords were mostly held by users in North America and Western Europe.

SplashData estimates that nearly 10 percent of people have used at least one of the 25 worst passwords on this year’s list, and almost 3 percent used the worst password, ‘123456’. ‘Password’ was the second most popular password.

Other numeric passwords that weren’t new to the list were ‘12345678’ in third place, ‘12345’ at number five, and ‘1234567’ in seventh place. But there were some new, more creative (or, you know, not) variations: ‘123456789’ (in sixth place), and ‘123123’ in 17th.

Additional repeat offenders include a handful of very obvious words: ‘qwerty,’ ‘football,’ ‘‘admin,’ ‘welcome,’ ‘login,’ ‘abc123,’ ‘dragon,’ ‘passw0rd,’ and ‘master.’ But there were some new passwords on the top 25 list this year, including ‘letmein,’ ‘iloveyou,’ ‘monkey,’ ‘starwars,’ ‘hello,’ ‘freedom,’ ‘whatever,’ ‘qazwsx’ (from the two left columns on a standard keyboard), and ‘trustno1.’ The new passwords replaced 2016’s ‘123456790,’ ‘princess,’ ‘1234,’ ‘solo,’ ‘121212,’ ‘flower,’ ‘sunshine,’ ‘hottie,’ ‘loveme,’ ‘zaq1zaq1,’ and ‘password1.’

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