The Shipping Giant Clarkson has suffered a security breach [source: securityaffairs]

Clarkson, one of the world’s largest providers of shipping services publicly disclosed a security breach.

Clarkson confirmed the  hackers may release some of the stolen data, it hasn’t provided further details due to the ongoing law enforcement investigation.

The information disclosed by the company suggests cyber criminals blackmailed the company requesting the payment of a ransom in order to avoid having its data leaked online.

According to Clarkson, the hackers compromised a single user account to access the systems of the shipping giant.

“Clarkson PLC confirms that it was subject to a cybersecurity incident which involved unauthorised access to the Company’s computer systems.” Clarkson said in a statement

“Our initial investigations have shown the unauthorised access was gained via a single and isolated user account which has now been disabled.”

The company has disabled the account after the incident and has started notifying affected customers and individuals.

The company had been expecting the cyber criminals to publish part of the stolen data on Tuesday, but nothing is still happening.

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