The latest variant of Satan ransomware is spreading in the wild [360totalsecurity]

Recently, 360 Security Center captured the latest variant of Satan ransomware and monitored that it has begun to spread in the wild. The new version of Satan has been updated to v4.2. After the attack is launched successfully, the file will be encrypted and the file suffix will be “sicck”. The amount of the extortion is one bitcoin. This is the activity of Satan ransomware after two months of silence. However, the majority of users do not have to worry too much, 360 Total Security have taken the lead in supporting the killing of Satan new variants, “Ransomware Decryption Tool” can also achieve decryption.

Satan ransomware firstly appeared in January 2017. At the time, a security researcher posted a new type of ransomware on RafS that was distributed on Twitter. This ransomware allows anyone to create their own customized version of Satan ransomware on their websites by signing up for an account.

The new version of Satan ransomware discovered this time is still targeted at Windows servers. When Satan successfully hacked into the server, it used the server as a zombie server and then scanned and tried to invade other computers on the network that had vulnerabilities. Moreover, the new version of “Satan” also uses two new system vulnerabilities to spread, so that users can’t prevent it

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