Tesla Internal Servers Infected with Cryptocurrency Miner [bleepingcomputer]

Hackers have breached Tesla cloud servers used by the company’s engineers and have installed malware that mines the cryptocurrency.

The incident took place last year when hackers gained access to Tesla’s Kubernetes server, an open-source application used by large companies to manage API and server infrastructure deployed on cloud hosting providers.

Hackers breached one of Tesla’s Kubernetes consoles

Cloud security firm RedLock —whose experts discovered the hacked server— said hackers found a “pod” inside the Kubernetes console that stored login credentials for one of Tesla’s AWS cloud infrastructure.

RedLock says the AWS buckets appeared to have been storing sensitive data such as telemetry, but a Tesla Motors spokesperson told Bleeping Computer in an email the data was from “internally-used engineering test cars only.”

While there’s no evidence intruders stole any data, they did install a mining application that utilized the vast computational resources of Tesla’s AWS servers to mine the Monero cryptocurrency.

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