SynAck Ransomware Sees Huge Spike in Activity [source: bleepingcomputer]

Over the past two days, there was an increase in activity from a relatively unknown ransomware strain named SynAck, according to victims who sought assistance in the Bleeping Computer ransomware support forums and from submissions to the ID-Ransomware service.

This particular ransomware strain — named SynAck or Syn Ack — was first spotted on August 3 and experts quickly determined that they were looking at a whole new ransomware strain altogether.

SynAck campaigns amplify after a month

Activity from SynAck was never at alarming levels, but the ransomware made victims on a daily basis all last month.

A huge spike in activity was detected this week, as nearly 100 victims used the ID-Ransomware service to detect what ransomware had infected their PC, only to find out it was SynAck.

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