Some MacOS Users Aren’t Getting the Firmware Security Patches [source : motherboard.vice]

Do you know if your Mac’s low-level firmware is up to date with the latest patches? You might not be able to, researchers say.

Apple’s security updates for macOS sometime include patches for serious vulnerabilities in the firmware that runs beneath the operating system. So you might think you’re safe if you keep your OS version up to date, but that’s not always the case. Depending on your Mac model, you might get the firmware patches or you might not, a team of researchers found.

On one hand, Apple has done more than most other computer manufacturers to secure low-level firmware in Macs by automatically delivering security patches for it to users. On the other, there are still problems with the firmware update process that could put Mac users in the dangerous position where they think they have patched critical vulnerabilities that would let hackers completely compromise their machines—with some effort—but in reality they haven’t.

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