Security Updates Available for Popular Netgear Routers[source: bleepingcomputer]

Owners of popular Netgear router models should look into installing firmware updates on their devices as Netgear finished deploying patches for a slew of security issues discovered and reported by US cyber-security firm Trustware.

Trustwave researchers discovered five issues affected 17 Netgear router models, in total, including the company’s top-seller —the Nighthawk router series.

All issues were discovered and privately reported in March 2017 via Netgear’s bug bounty program. The hardware vendor slowly patched and issued updates for all five flaws during the course of last year.

Trustwave has gone public with its findings last week, in the hopes that users who did not upgrade their router’s firmware will now take the time to visit Netgear’s site and download firmware updates.

Below is a summary of all the five vulnerabilities, a short description, and lists with the affected router models.

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