Security Firms Say Bad Rabbit Attack Carried Out by NotPetya Group [source: bleepingcomputer]

Several security firms have come forward today with evidence that shows links connecting the Bad Rabbit ransomware outbreak that happened yesterday with the NotPetya ransomware outbreak that took place at the end of June, this year.

Most of the reports focused on the vast similarities between the Bad Rabbit and NotPetya source code.

Companies like BitdefenderCisco TalosESETGroup IBIntezer LabsKaspersky Lab, and Malwarebytes, along with security researcher Bart Parys, have published reports on the connections between these two strains.

“[Bad Rabbit] appears to have some similarities to [NotPetya] in that it is also based on Petya ransomware,” Cisco experts explain in their report. “Major portions of the code appear to have been rewritten,” researchers add, reflecting similar conclusions in other reports.

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