One year after the Dyn DDoS attack, what’s changed? [source: ciodive]

Last October, the internet broke, or stuttered, depending on who you ask. One year later, those vulnerabilities remain and a year from now, connectivity will still be at the mercy of attackers.

DDoS attacks have become commonplace, but that doesn’t limit the potential negative impact on businesses.

In a domain analysis of the top 100 U.S. websites — which includes companies like Netflix, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Wikipedia — only 32 sites had DNS provider redundancy, according to Ron Winward, security evangelist at Radware.

While some companies did make changes, and could have gone with a different provider with a bit more network robustness, 68 of the top 100 websites do not have DNS provider redundancy.

If another larger-scale attack were to hit their service provider, many of the sites could go down once again.

The massive DDoS attack on DNS provider Dyn, disrupted connectivity to major sites like Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, GitHub and Reddit.

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