An NDA Had been signed between BCC & Team Cymru Research NFP, USA

A Non-Disclosure Agreement has been signed between Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) and Team Cymru Research NFP, USA on 9th December 2015. Team Cymru Research NFP is an Illinois non-profit and a US Federal 501(c)3 organization. They are a group of technologists passionate about making the Internet more secure and dedicated to that goal. They work closely with and within Internet security communities, as well as with all manner of other organizations as almost every organization in the modern world is connected to the Internet in some way or another, and they all need help to ensure that their parts of the network remain safe and secure. They monitor a wide range of malevolence that takes place on the Internet through a wide variety of methods. Cymru receives data donations from many organizations, which gives a much wider view of what is happening on the Internet. The NDA which have signed with Cymru will allow BCC to get Alert on Malicious activities happening around the Globe which will help to establish a safer Cyber Environment for Bangladesh.