Mobile banking Trojans spread confusion worldwide [source: helpnetsecurity]

Consumers around the world that use mobile banking apps are at a greater risk of being tricked by cybercriminals and falling victim to mobile banking theft. This is according to new global research from Avast, which asked almost 40,000 consumers in Spain and eleven other countries around the world to compare the authenticity of official and counterfeit banking applicationinterfaces.

Fraudulent software sometimes difficult to identify

Globally, 58% of respondents identified the official mobile banking app interface as fraudulent while 36% mistook the fake interface for the real one. In Spain, the results were similar at 67% and 27% respectively, compared to 40% and 42% in the U.S.

The findings highlight the level of sophistication and accuracy applied by cybercriminals to create trusted copies designed to spy on users, collect their bank login details, and steal their money.

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