Mandate for Bangladesh e-Gov CIRT had been signed

It is to be informed that, Bangladesh Computer Council is taking necessary safety measures for using information technology. Continuity to this, there is a provision to establish Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) under the project “Leveraging ICT for Growth, Employment and Governance Project (LICT)”. To establish CIRT under BCC, a Consultant Organization and they have already started their work. To validate the CIRT program legally, BCC has issued an official order signed by S.M. Ashraful Islam, Additional Secretary & Executive Director, Bangladesh Computer Council on 11th January 2015. It is to be mentioned that, in Cyber Security Law-2015, there is also a provision to establish one or more CIRT team and to keep the Government Network & Data Center information safe a CIRT establishment is going on in BCC. This order gives the mandate to CIRT to act as Bangladesh e-Government Computer Incident Response Team (BGD e-Gov CIRT).

Main objectives of the BGD e-Gov CIRT will be:

  1. Manage cyber security incidents in Bangladesh government’s e-Government network and related infrastructure;
  2. Serve as a catalyst in organizing national cybersecurity resilience initiatives (education, workforce competence, regulation, cyber exercises) among various stakeholders;
  3. Make efforts to establish national cyber security incident management capabilities in Bangladesh.
  4. Provide required support to National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA)

The BGD e-Gov CIRT shall carry out of the following responsibilities:

  1. Monitor the network for the events that affect security of the National Data Center (NDC) or services deployed in the NDC facilities;
  2. Carry out investigations and containment measures for cyber security events in order to minimize data loss or service disruption, including authority to provide obligatory instructions for BCC personnel to secure NDC information resources during major cyber security incidents;
  3. Help to recover from incidents which takes part in the NDC;
  4. Carry out preventive measures in order to minimize disruptions of secure operations of the NDC;
  5. Assist maintaining security infrastructure of the NDC;
  6. Participate in international cybersecurity initiatives;
  7. Support establishment of National CIRT.

In the signed order it is requested to issue an order from Information and Communication Technology Division to establish BGD e-Gov CIRT.