Man hacked 200 firms & sold data of millions of users on dark web [source: hackread]

Grant West, a cunning hacker who goes by the online handle of “Courvoisier” on the Dark Web has been arrested by British police. The 26-year-old hacker is known for hacking over 200 companies around the world including Apple, Asda, Uber, and Just Eat, Groupon, and Nectar etc.

West not only breached the security of these companies but also stole their user data before selling them on the now seized AlphaBay market on the Dark Web. In Just Eat’s case, West used his girlfriends’ laptop to carry out a phishing scam by sending malicious emails tricking its users into falling for a fake survey.

In that scam, he stole login credentials of over 165,000 Just Eat customers which he later sold on Dark Web marketplaces.

Furthermore, the money he made through hacking hundreds of companies was used to live a lavish life including buying luxury cars, traveling to the united states with stolen air miles and spending millions of dollars from stolen credit cards on gambling etc.

West’s And His Girlfriend’s Arrest

West’s arrest was nothing far from a James Bond movie. He was arrested In September 2017 while traveling on a first class train ticket from Wales to London. His arrest was a result of an undercover operation conducted by the Metropolitan Police’s cybercrime unit who caught West redhanded while logging in to a Dark Web marketplace from his laptop in the train.

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