LOKIBOT – THE FIRST HYBRID ANDROID MALWARE [source: clientsidedetection]

Lately we have been seeing a new variant of Android banking malware which is well-developed and provides numerous unique features such as a ransomware module. Based on the BTC addresses that are used in the source code it seems that the actors behind this new Android malware are successful cybercriminals with over 1.5 million dollars in BTC.

It is very unlikely that the actors behind Android LokiBot have gained this amount of money using only LokiBot since the requested fee for ransomware is between $70 and $100 and the bot counts in the various campaigns we have seen is usually around 1000. The malware is sold as a kit. A full license including updates costs $2000 in BTC. The main attack vector of the malware is showing phishing overlays on a large amount of banking apps (often around 100) and a handful of other popular apps such as Skype, Outlook and WhatsApp. The ransomware stage is activated when victims disable the administrative rights of the malware or try to uninstall it. Besides the automatic activation of the ransomware module the bot also has a “Go_Crypt” command, enabling the actors to trigger it. The ransomware attack however does not seem to be the main focus of their campaign at the time of writing.

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