Internet of Things In Healthcare – What to Expect in 2018? [source: tripwire]

We are heading into an era which embraces the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning (MI) that have immensely overturned the tech world. With particular reference to IoT, it has profoundly impacted global commerce and lifestyle.

If this existing pace remains consistent, then it wouldn’t be onerous to predict the trends that we might witness in the upcoming year.

According to the predictions by Forecast, IoT is just into its beginning phases and will expand to an overwhelming volume of 75 billion devices till 2025. However, there are a few expected trends that may stun the customers and corporations all around the globe.


IoT has provided various benefits to the healthcare facilities and is expected to have an expended impact on this industry. With 2017 over, we have witnessed a burst of wearable gadgets that in part encompass the features of fitness tracking in varying forms, mostly hand watches.

For 2018, engineers have predicted that IoT’s revolution in the market will take along the analytics, thereby increasing the relevancy of data interpretations wile lowering the time users require to piece together data outputs. At the same time, a new category of “personalized preventative health coaches” (Digital Health Advisors) will surface in a coming year. These workers will be able to process and understand data, and they could effectively assist their clients who might suffer from chronic and/or diet-related illnesses. Along with this, the digital advisors can help users attain an enhanced lifestyle, improved mental health, and better cognitive functioning.

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