Infected Android Games Spread Adware to More Than 4.5 Million Users[bleepingcomputer]

An Android app component meant to provide inter-user chatting capabilities has been opening websites and clicking on ads in phones’ background.

According to a report published last week, this malicious component is part of a software development kit (SDK) offered by a Chinese company named 呀呀云 (Ya Ya Yun).

Android app developers use the Ya Ya Yun SDK to add an instant messaging (chat) feature to games they develop. The Android game will use the SDK for the chat features and will free up developers to cater to other facets of the game.

SDK downloaded malicious components disguised as images

This software design practice of using an SDK to offload various app features to remote services is dangerous as it gives a remote company control over your app.

In the case of Android game developers who chose the Ya Ya Yun SDK, this trust was misplaced, according to Russian antivirus vendor Dr.Web.

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