Cybercriminals focus on the shipping and cloud storage sectors [source: helpnetsecurity]

The Anti-Phishing Working Group’s latest report found upticks in phishing attacks against companies in the Logistics & Shipping as well Cloud Storage & File Hosting sectors, mounted by cyber gangs against the accounts of both individuals and enterprises.


Once they steal usernames and passwords, the criminals can then steal not only funds, but also use services to spend spam mail, order goods for resale, and other nefarious ventures.

While the report finds that phishing attacks have occurred most frequently against companies in the Payment, Financial, and the Software-as-a-Service/Webmail sectors in the first half, APWG contributing analysts found two important focus points of cybercrime gang activity:

  • An increase in the number of phishing attacks using free hosting providers or website builders.
  • In the new gTLDs and in ccTLDs, much of the phishing activity was concentrated in a small number of domains.

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