CSRF Vulnerability in phpMyAdmin [source: securityaffairs]

The development team of phpMyAdmin has fixed a CSRF vulnerability in phpMyAdmin that could be exploited by attackers for removing items from shopping cart.

Researcher Ashutosh Barot has discovered a critical CSRF vulnerability in phpMyAdmin that could be exploited by attackers to perform malicious operations like drop tables and delete records.

phpMyAdmin developers released the version 4.7.7 that addresses the CSRF vulnerability found by Barot.

“By deceiving a user to click on a crafted URL, it is possible to perform harmful database operations such as deleting records, dropping/truncating tables etc.” reads the security advisory published by phpMyAdmin developers.

An attacker could trick a database admin into performing database operations like DROP TABLE using CSRF with devastating consequences.

“In this case, a CSRF vulnerability allows an attacker to send a crafted URL to the victim and if she (authenticated user) clicks it, the victim may perform a DROP TABLE query on her database. phpMyAdmin team considers this issue as critical vulnerability.” reads the analysis published by Ashutosh Barot.

This means that an attacker can create a crafted URL and trick the victims having an active session into performing dangerous operations without their knowledge.

The expert discovered a feature in phpMyAdmin that uses GET requests for Database operations such as DROP TABLE table_name, this means that it is possible for an attacker to trick a database admin into clicking a button and perform a database query of the attacker’s choice.

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