An analysis of 120 mobile app stores uncovers malicious apps[source: helpnetsecurity]

RiskIQ analyzed 120 mobile app stores and more than 2 billion daily scanned resources. In listing and analyzing the app stores hosting the most malicious mobile apps and the most prolific developers of malicious apps, their Q3 mobile threat landscape report documents an increase in blacklisted apps over Q2, as well as the continued issues of imitation and trojan apps in official app stores and the emergence of the massive WireX mobile botnet.

Feral apps and Google Play are main sources of blacklisted apps

Q3’s analysis confirmed that feral apps – apps available for download outside of a store on the web – and the Google Play store were the most abundant sources of malicious apps each quarter. Plus, the top developer of blacklisted apps in Q3, Nyi Subang Larang, worked exclusively in the Play store. However, Google’s percentage of malicious apps was overall decreased and fell to a low of 4 percent in Q3 after reaching a high of 8 percent in Q2.

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