5 mental shifts we must make to achieve security beyond perimeters[source: helpnetsecurity]

Data centers aren’t exactly going extinct, but given the massive shift to public clouds, you need to make some significant adjustments if your mindset doesn’t already include or understand the cloud. The problem is that not every organization knows how to prepare for and embrace the cloud-driven future. It can take some major mental adjustments to shift mindset from on-prem environments based on the data center, which has a clear and definable perimeter, to the nebulous world of the cloud.

To help you get your mind out of the data center, beyond the perimeter, and into the cloud, we suggest you consider the five mental shifts outlined below.

The threat landscape is evolving

There was a time when keeping an eye on your network perimeter was sufficient to catch most threats. Today, that’s not the case. The 2017 Threat Landscape Survey from SANS found that endpoints and end users are now the front line of the battle against online threats. These are the most frequent targets for attackers who want to weasel into your organization’s network.

Among the most common threats this past year were phishing and ransomware, both of which can often skirt traditional perimeter-based security solutions like firewalls and antivirus. Zero-day exploits, while less common, are a good example of how the most advanced threats laugh in the face of perimeter-based security. In light of this reality, understanding how the landscape has changed (and how it will continue to change) is the first key to better protecting your organization against the modern threat landscape.

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