The new open-source tool scans public AWS S3 buckets for secrets

A new open-source ‘S3crets Scanner’ scanner allows researchers and red-teamers to search for ‘secrets’ mistakenly stored in publicly exposed or company’s Amazon AWS S3 storage buckets. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a cloud storage service commonly used by companies to store software, services, and data in containers known as buckets. Unfortunately, companies sometimes fail to properly secure their S3 buckets and thus publicly expose stored...

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Workshop on safe use of social media for women held on the occasion of Cyber ​​Security Month

25th October, 2022  Press Release  A workshop on safe use of social media for women was held on 24 October 2022 at the auditorium of Bangladesh Computer Council organized by BGD e-Gov CIRT. Mr. Rubaiyat Bin Modasser, Forensic Analyst of BGD e-Gov CIRT, presented the keynote at the workshop, which was organized with the aim of increasing the awareness of cyber security in the use...

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Workshop on Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR)

25th October ,2022  Press Release  On the occasion of cyber security awareness month, Information and Communication Technology Division and BGD e-GOV CIRT organized a workshop on Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) which is practiced by the ASEAN countries on October 24 2022 in the conference room of Bangladesh Computer Council. Two experts, Beitas Broader and Joe Pettuso presented keynotes in the day-long workshop which was...

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Signal will remove support for SMS text messages on Android

Signal says it will start to phase out SMS and MMS message support from its Android app to streamline the user experience and prioritize security and privacy. While this announcement may surprise those who don’t know Signal can also be used to manage this type of text message, the Signal for Android app could be configured as the default SMS/MMS app since its beginning as TextSecure, an...

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