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Latest Cybercrime Threat: Device Cloning [source: americanbanker]

While much of the banking industry is distracted by the recent spate of distributed denial of service attacks, a new wave of cybercrime is about to hit online and mobile banking users’ devices. In this scheme, crooks are creating virtual machines that are clones of customers’ real computers or mobile devices,...

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Hermes Ransomware [source: enigmasoftware]

Hermes Ransomware Description The Hermes Ransomware was first observed in the wild on February 13, 2017. The Hermes Ransomware is a ransomware Trojan that identifies the files encrypted during its attack with the file extension ‘.HERMES.’ The Hermes Ransomware carries out a typical ransomware attack, which involves encrypting the victims’...

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How will WPA3 improve WiFi security? [source: welivesecurity]

In October 2017, researchers made public a serious vulnerability in WPA2, the security protocol that protects most of today’s WiFi networks. This discovery put the protocol’s security in the spotlight and led to discussions about the need for a new standard. Finally, the WiFi Alliance, the organization that certifies WiFi devices, announced WPA3,...

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Researcher found multiple vulnerabilities in NETGEAR Routers [source: securityaffairs]

Security researchers Martin Rakhmanov from Trustwave conducted a one-year-study on the firmware running on Netgear routers and discovered vulnerabilities in a couple of dozen models. Netgear has just released many security updates that address vulnerabilities in a couple of dozen models. The vulnerabilities have been reported by security researchers Martin Rakhmanov...

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