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More Than 120,000 Internet Connected Cameras Can Be Easily Hacked [vice]

The researcher found that two cameras from Chinese gadget maker Shenzhen Neo Electronic have vulnerabilities that allow hackers to remotely access their video stream, or take full control of the cameras, opening up the possibility that someone could amass an an Internet of Things botnet of around 150,000 devices. Alex...

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New Version of “Trickbot” Adds Worm Propagation Module [flashpoint-intel]

On July 27, 2017, in coordination with Luciano Martins, Director of Cyber Risk Services at Deloitte, Flashpoint observed a new version – “1000029” – of the formidable “Trickbot” banking Trojan with a new “worm64Dll” module, spread via the email spam vector, impersonating invoices from a large international financial institution.

CowerSnail, from the creators of SambaCry [securelist]

Kaspersky Lab analysts managed to detect a malicious program for Windows that was apparently created by the same group responsible for SambaCry. It was the common C&C server that both programs used – – that suggested a relationship between them. Kaspersky Lab products detect the new malicious program as...

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Real News, Fake Flash: Mac OS X Users Targeted [volexity]

Volexity recently identified a breach to the website of a well regarded media outlet in the country of Georgia. As part of this breach, the media organization’s website was being leveraged as a component of a malware campaign targeting select visitors who view it website in Georgian. The targets were...

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“Tick” Group Continues Attacks [paloaltonetworks]

The “Tick” group has conducted cyber espionage attacks against organizations in the Republic of Korea and Japan for several years. The group focuses on companies that have intellectual property or sensitive information like those in the Defense and High-Tech industries. The group is known to use custom malware called Daserf,...

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