Extracting And Analyzing Messenger Data With Oxygen Forensic [forensicfocus]

It‘s a great pleasure to share my experience of working with Oxygen Forensic Detective, which was a crucial tool in solving one of my cases.

A father of a minor girl contacted me, worried his daughter was in suspicious society and probably had been consuming marijuana. His wife accidentally found traces of a substance which looked and smelled like marijuana in his daughter‘s clothes and that led him to that conclusion.

Polygraphic testing pointed that the girl was intensively communicating with her friends mostly via Facebook and mobile messenger apps, so I suggested to her parents to thoroughly examine her phone, believing they would found incriminating evidence.

The parents reached me a day later and told me they examined the messages in all the installed apps and that they hadn‘t found any message that would justify their doubts, so they assumed the messages were deleted after the polygraphic testing.

I suggested a forensic analysis of a mobile phone: Tesla Smartphone 6.4 Lite. After her parents insisted on that, the girl reluctantly agreed.

After physical acqusition I focused on analysing the data from the messenger apps and I noticed that a complete communication from Viber app had been deleted.

Oxygen Forensic Detective successfully retrieved all deleted data, among which even 4652 Viber messages which were crucial in finding incriminating contacts and reconstruction of her movements. I have to admit I was fascinated by the result because I didn‘t expect that number of retrieved messages.

By using Oxygen Forensic Detective analytical tools I quickly filtered Viber communication and presented the contacted people, frequency of communication as well as the content of the messages to her parents in a simple way which I delivered to them in the form of very clear PDF report.

Mobile devices are an important part of our lives and unavoidable subject of our inquiries. In most of the polygraphic tests a trace leads me towards mobile phones and because of that Oxygen Forensic Detective is a necessary additional tool in my work.

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