Apache Solr CVE-2017-7660 Security Bypass Vulnerability

Description: Apache Solr uses a PKI based mechanism to secure inter-node communication when security is enabled. It is possible to create a specially crafted node name that does not exist as part of the cluster and point it to a malicious node. This can trick the nodes in cluster to believe that the malicious node is a member of the cluster. So, if Solr users have enabled BasicAuth authentication mechanism using the BasicAuthPlugin or if the user has implemented a custom Authentication plugin, which does not implement either “HttpClientInterceptorPlugin” or “HttpClientBuilderPlugin“, his/her servers are vulnerable to this attack. Users who only use SSL without basic authentication or those who use Kerberos are not affected. The following versions are affected:

  • Apache Solr 5.3 through 5.5.4 and
  • Apache Solr 6.0 through 6.5.1

Impact:  Attackers can exploit this issue to bypass certain security restrictions and perform unauthorized actions. This may aid in further attacks.

Mitigation: Updates are available. Please check specific vendor advisory for more information.

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