Vulnerabilities Affecting Over 1 Million Dasan GPON Routers [source: bleepingcomputer]

Two vulnerabilities affecting over one million routers, and disclosed earlier this week, are now under attack by botnet herders, who are trying to gather the vulnerable devices under their control.

Attacks started yesterday, Thursday, May 3, according to Netlab, the network security division of Chinese cyber-security vendor Qihoo 360.

Exploitation of these two flaws started after on Monday, April 30, an anonymous researcher published details of the two vulnerabilities via the VPNMentor blog.

Simple hacks expose Dasan GPON routers

His findings detail two flaws —an authentication bypass (CVE-2018-10561) and a remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2018-10562).

The most ludicrous of these two flaws is the first, which basically allows anyone to access the router’s internal settings by appending the “?images” string to any URL, effectively giving anyone control over the router’s configuration.

By combining these two issues, the anonymous researcher said he was able to bypass authentication and execute code on vulnerable devices. A video by the VPNMentor crew summarizes the findings.

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