Only 12% or organizations are likely to detect a sophisticated cyber attack [source: helpnetsecurity]

Organizations believe that today’s cyber threat landscape places them at high risk of cyber attacks. The EY survey of nearly 1,200 C-level leaders of the world’s largest and most recognized organizations examines some of the most urgent concerns about cybersecurity and their efforts to manage them.

Findings show that 56% of those surveyed are making or planning to make changes to their strategies and plans due to the increased impact of cyber threats, risks and vulnerabilities. The rapid acceleration of connectivity within their global organizations – fueled by the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) – has introduced new vulnerabilities for increasingly sophisticated cyber attackers to exploit.

The report reveals that common attacks – cyber attacks carried out by unsophisticated, individual attackers – successfully exploited vulnerabilities that organizations were aware of, which indicates a lack of rigor in implementing standard security procedures.

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