IT Pros: IoT Devices Most Vulnerable to Wi-Fi Attacks [source: infosecurity-magazine]

IoT devices are the most vulnerable to Wi-Fi attacks, according to IT professionals polled in a new Spiceworks survey.

The firm quizzed 527 IT pros from North America and Europe to examine how businesses are securing their data and devices on Wi-Fi networks.

The research found that 52% of respondents believe workplace IoT devices such as smart lights and thermostats are ‘extremely vulnerable’ to Wi-Fi-based attacks, with IP-enabled appliances (49%), video equipment (42%) and electronic peripherals (40%) just as exposed.

Conversely, the perceived Wi-Fi risks associated with traditional computing devices was noticeably lower, particularly with regards to Apple products. Just 19% of respondents classed Apple laptops, tablets and smartphones as ‘very to extremely’ vulnerable to Wi-Fi-based attacks, whilst that figure was 30% when it came to Windows and Android devices.

“While adoption of IoT devices is increasing in the workplace, many IT professionals are still wary of connecting these often un-patchable devices to corporate Wi-Fi networks,” said Peter Tsai, senior technology analyst at Spiceworks. “As a result, some organizations are delaying the adoption of IoT devices and holding out hope that the forthcoming WPA3 protocol might improve Wi-Fi security.”

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