Escape future ransomware attacks by leveraging the right technology[source: helpnetsecurity]

Last year, multiple industry verticals saw the extreme effects of ransomware, with WannaCry and Petya leading the pack in terms of damage. To make matters worse, according to a report by Kaspersky, the number of ransomware threats is expected to increase in 2018. The evolution of ransomware, resulting in more diverse and innovative attacks, is going to heavily hit enterprises in 2018.

In my previous articles, I explained how ransomware has evolved over the years and also gave a brief overview of high-profile ransomware threats. In this article, I’ll spend some time talking about how you can secure your enterprise against future threats.

Insight on building strong IT security

Devising a ransomware defense plan isn’t easy. If you’re wondering where and how to start, here’s a short cheat sheet on a few security mechanisms that are especially helpful in preventing and detecting ransomware threats.

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