Cyber Security Strategy & Risk Assessment Framework Development

There are two main objectives of the project:

  • Enhance national cyber security strategy to address cyber security as a country wide risk and a foundation for economic viability and develop CIIP strategy.
  • Provide a basic cyber security package for the owners of CIIs by establishing common taxonomy of standards, guidelines and practices to strengthen Bangladesh critical infrastructure’s resilience to cyber threats.

The consultancy services will enable the Government of Bangladesh to:

  • Evaluate the adequacy of National Cyber Security Strategy ratified in 2014 to ensure Bangladesh cybersecurity preparedness to prevent threats and cyber readiness to respond, mitigate and recover from cybersecurity incidents and fight against cybercrimes and revise it as necessary.
  • Adopt a strategy for national CIIs protection with an actionable master plan.
  • Adopt a cyber risk assessment framework for CIIs protection as part of CIIs governance and enterprise risk management processes to ensure proper and undisturbed functioning of CIIs.