“Catch-All” Google Chrome Malicious Extension Steals All Posted Data [source: isc.sans]

 It seems that malicious Google Chrome extensions are on the rise. A couple of months ago, I posted here about two of them which stole user credentials posted on banking websites and alike. Now, while analyzing a phishing e-mail, I went through a new malware with a slight different approach: instead of monitoring specific URLs and focusing on credentials, it captures literally all data posted by the victim on any website – thus the name.

This campaign infection vector is a phishing e-mail with links to photos supposedly from the weekend pretending to be sent through Whatsapp. The subject is in Portuguese: “Segue as (Fotos Final de Semana ) Enviadas via WhatsApp (30244)”. Something like “See the (Weekend Photos) Sent via WhatsApp (30244)”;

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